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Our aim is that this site should have a high degree of availability. That means that you should be able to use this site regardless of your technical or personal circumstances.

Navigating with the keyboard

If you do not use the mouse to navigate the site, it is possible to navigate using the keyboard. You can easily navigate between pages by using the ALT and ARROW keys:

  • To return to the previous page, hold down the ALT+Left-ARROW. To move forward, hold down the ALT+right-ARROW.
  • To select a link, you step forward with the TAB key (a dotted frame appears around the selected link) and press ENTER. To go to the previous link, hold down the ALT key and press the TAB key.

Keyboard shortcuts for navigation

The following keyboard commands can be used to navigate the site:

  • j: Skip navigation, go to content
  • 0: About this site - user tips/availability
  • 1: Start page ("Home")
  • 2: The Team
  • 3: Musician Ergonomics
  • 4: Helhetshälsan
  • 5: Forum
  • 6: More Info
  • 7: Contact
  • m: Sitemap
  • e: English
  • s: Swedish

Most modern browsers support this type of keyboard commands. How do you enable a keyboard shortcut depends on what browser and operating system you are using:


  • Internet Explorer: ALT+shortcut, then ENTER.
  • Mozilla and Netscape: ALT+shortcut.
  • Firefox: ALT+SHIFT+shortcut.
  • Opera: SHIFT+ESC+shortcut.


Most browsers: CTRL+shortcut.


  • Internet Explorer: ALT+shortcut, then ENTER.
  • Mozilla: ALT+shortcut.
  • Firefox: CTRL+SHIFT+shortcut.
  • Opera: SHIFT+ESC+shortcut.

See your browser's help section for more details.


Older browsers (that do not support current standards) and text-based browsers may not support stylesheets. Follow the links below to upgrade your browser.

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Screen resolution

The site is optimized to provide the best possible overview when using screen resolutions of 1024 x 768 or higher.

Adjust text size or zoom the entire site

In most browsers you can change the text size or zoom through a menu or a shortcut. See your browser's help section for more details.