The Team

It is common today for us to face various obstacles in our everyday and working lives. Our team can help you with advice or assistance for pain, strain injuries, muscle tensions, stress, nervousness and stage fright, and various kinds of mental obstacles, anxiety, depression or vocal problems.

Our audiologist can help you with hearing problems or tinnitus, and even assist you in trying out music hearing protectors.

We have particular expertise concerning the everyday working lives of musicians and artists, and we can also help those who come from completely different backgrounds. Here you can consult with audiologists, Alexander technique pedagogues, behaviourists and mental trainers, dance therapists, cognitive psychotherapists, speech therapists, doctors and physiotherapists. With the wide-ranging abilities in our team you can receive advice, training and treatment with the aim to alleviate your problems and increase the quality of your everyday life.

There are various ways to achieve your goals, such as through Alexander technique, body awareness therapy, dance therapy, ergonomics, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), mental training and vocal treatment.

For around ten years we have worked as consultants in company healthcare, and we prioritise courses and training in our work.

Our clinic is in central Malmö with bookings and prices by arrangement.

Telephone numbers and other contact details for the team’s various specialists can be found in the menu to the left.