Steven Hallmark, Certifierad lärare i FM alexanderteknik

Just about any problem can be helped when it is associated with long-standing wrong habitual use of the body in daily activity or in making music. These problems can also include those that might be thought of as apparently of a purely mental character since it is very difficult to separate what seems to be predominently mental or psychological from our mechanisms of balance, on which we depend, for instance, for our ability to breathe and express ourselves adequately. An underlying inefficiency in balance can contribute to unnecessary fear reactions (e.g. fear of falling), anxiety, loss of energy (through inadquate breathing), and confidence.

The Alexander Technique is, first of all, a Technique for prevention. We aim to educate people about their balance mechanisms so that they can develop good mental attitudes through good practical understanding of how they go to work on anything. It should therefore, logically, be taught to young people. The aim would be that people should achieve their musical potential without injury.

When unwanted symptoms and problems have developed those are very often the fruits of wrong understanding leading to wrong habits. In those cases re-education is needed to change the habitual conditions that have given rise to those problems. I am trained to use my hands to show my pupils a better experience of using their bodies.  They learn by repeated experiences through a course of lessons, together with explanation, to change their habits for the better.